Getting Started with iGoogle

Today we are going to start working with our new email addresses.

The have been set up using Google Apps for Education

  • Go to iGoogle in a new tab
  • Login
  • Type in the letters from the Captcha code
  • read and accept the terms of service
  • Set your new password (It should be the same as your Ultranet password)
  • Set your iGoogle theme
  • Add your country and city
  • Delete the You tube and CNN gadgets
  • Add the Google Docs gadget
  • Add some fun gadgets
  • Move Gmail and Google Docs gadgets to the top of the page
  • Remember to LOGOUT when you have finished working.


Challenge B: All about Me

You can read all about this challenge at

This week we will be:

  1. Writing our about page.
  2. Making our avatar.

Writing our about page:

Remember not to give out any personal details including address, phone number, last name and school.

Information you might like to include:

  • Where you live – needs to say Melbourne, Australia
  • Your favourite things – movies, books, music, food etc
  • Sports, hobbies and interests
  • Personality such as bubbly, warm helpful person
  • Year level
  • And your bucket list – the five special things you would most like to do

One thing on Ms McLeod’s list would be to do an African Safari and one thing on Mrs Brough’s list would be to release turtle hatchlings into the ocean.

Making your Avatar:

What is an avatar you ask? Well its an image that represents you!

There are detailed instructions on how to create your avatar on these websites.

Blogging Rules

Blogging Rules

Ronnie Burt  wrote a blog post called Student Blogging Activity 2 (Beginner): Setting Up Rules & GuidelinesIt included a list of classes who have set up rules to help keep their blogging activities safe and successful.

Please look through the list with your partner.

  1. What rules do you think are a good idea?
  2. Are there any rules you think we don’t need?
  3. Can you come up with a list of the five most important rules for our class?

“Here are examples of different ways [rules] are used on class blogs to help you with the task:

Also check out: