Holiday Update #2

Hey again! alyssa here just to update on my holidays… again!

Well, remember Bridget and Emily I was talking bout b4? We have had appropriately 22 sleepovers in just 2 weeks… lololol xD Also, we had just plays and day outs together:)

Today is sunday and I think everyone knows that Sunday is soccer day!! I played today against Noble Park Sc and their club so we were the away team, the scores were…. 12-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE THRASHED THEM!!!!! 😀 I was defender and the ball didnt go past me once;) that will teach them not too mess with a DAMELIO!!!! lololol IM HYPER!!!!xD

School tomorrow….. yay..(add sarcasm here)

Lol c u all tomoz! Alyssa D.

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