Cost Analysis – Mini Project

Mean, Median, Mode - Kobie Micheal

Thanks Aidan Levy (@staffroomhq) for this activity.

Today we are going to complete a mini cost analysis project.

Select your product.

  • Find five examples of your product for sale online.
  • Create a chart that includes the item name, image, price, characteristics or features and URL.
  • Calculate the mode, medium, mean and range of the prices.
  • Check if there are any outliers.
  • Share your findings with our class.
  • Share your findings on your blog.


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 4.55.48 pm


Click on:

  • Data and Statistics
    • Mean, median, mode
    • Range
    • Outliers

Here is the link for another class who has completed this activity.

Here is a link to a work sample from that class


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