…Let the GAMES begin…

Olympic Fever flowed through school on Friday…

ceremonies, games, athletes, gold medals, ribbons and olympic spirit!


Our grade sixes represented Great Britain, France, Afghanistan and India




This week we will be celebrating the Olympics with our own school based Oatylympics.

Here are some websites you might find helpful – just in case your teachers ask you to do a research project focussing on the Olympics.



“Official source of Olympic Games sports, countries, results, medals, schedule, athlete bios, teams, news, photos, videos for Summer and Winter Olympics.”

London 2012


“Official Website for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Live results, competition schedule, news, photos, videos, medal count, athlete bios.”

Australia London 2012


“Official Site of the 2012 Australian Olympic Team for London Olympics. News, Athlete Blogs, Bios, Video, Galleries, Online Games and Education Resources.”

ABC News – The Olympics


“News reports on the games, athlete biographies, and links to audio news broadcasts.”





News Recordings

Today we will be recording some news articles for our Media App.

On the iPads

  • Open the Age app (free) and read through until you find an article you are interested in
  • Press the home button to minimise the app
  • Open the iTalk Recorder app (free) and start recording
  • Use a four finger swipw to swap back to the Age app
  • Read out your article using a clear voice (You only need to read the main three or four paragraphs)
  • Use a four finger swipe to return to iTalk.
  • Stop recording and check the content and quality of your recording
  • If you are happy with your recording email it to our posterous account
  • Check our Media App. You should be able to find and hear your recording.

You can download our media app onto your iPad or iPod by following the link.


Phoster App Review

After making our cyber bullying posters and our advertising posters we decided to review this app…

Good Things…

-it’s a quick app to make a poster in

-there are lots of templates to choose from

– you can add photos, saved images from the internet and saved pictures from drawing apps such as doodle buddy or drawing pad

-images can be made bigger or smaller

-images can be rotated

-there are special filtering effects

-you can change text sizing, font and colour and you move the text around the page

-backgrounds can change colour

-posters can be printed in different sizes

-able to share posters through email

Bad Things…

-you can’t make the text boxes any bigger

-you can’t add more than one image to the poster

-the app only allows for portrait posters

Things we think could Improve the app…

-being able to add more than one image

-making all components moveable

-able to make landscape posters as well


Overall we loved using ths app. It’s quick, easy and we had made and printed our posters by the end of our lesson:)

We rate this app…

four out of five stars




Cybersafety and Advertising Posters

Today we will be using the Phoster App ($1.99) to make posters.

Some classes will be making posters that advertise a food.

Other classes will be making posters that help raise awareness of Cybersafety issues.

We will be taking our own photos to avoid any issues with copywrite.

We will not be using any images from the Internet.

Make sure you plan your poster carefully to ensure that it is delivering the message you want.

Make several drafts.

Discuss with your partner which draft you would like to publish to our media app.

Use the Photogene App ($2.99) to upload your final image to our class Picassa account.

This will allow your image to appear in our Media app.

You can download our media app onto your iPad or iPod by following the link.