Promotional Posters…

Mrs Brough Sample Poster


Now that you’ve taken your amazing snapshots of our school, its time to create your promotional poster/banner.

Think about which photos you are going to use and how many.

Make sure your writing relates to the pictures your using and dont forget you need a heading, which is of course our school name.

If you need to edit your photos do it from your album in the photos app.

You have the choice of two apps for your poster/banner, either strip designer or pic collage.

If you use strip designer don’t forget to change the size of the paper from letter to A4.

Dont forget to change the text font, colour and size to suit your poster.

Think about backgrounds and borders.

Look at your layout, check your spelling and make sure your happy before you save it to the  photos app.

Once you saved to the photos app add your poster to your album.

Be creative and have fun… ūüôā ūüėČ

Star Photographers

Imagine you have been selected to make a poster to advertise Oatlands Primary School.  The poster will be used for one of the following:

1. A large outdoor poster (like one you would see out the front of a house that is for sale)

2. A poster displayed at a kindergarten nearby

3. A poster displayed at a local basketball stadium

4. A large poster on the back of a bus


Today we will be taking photos to use in our posters and organising our camera roll into albums.

Tips for great photos:

The subject doesn’t always have to be in the centre of the picture.

Use different angles to add interest to a photo.

Fill the picture with interesting details.

Remember to consider light and shadow.

Favourite Apps

Your challenge today is to research your favouite app and try and convince us to add it to the grade six core apps list for term two.

You can write your letter up in the notes app, make sure you write to one of us and finish with your name.

Include a description of the app, maybe what age group its for, what type of app it is, give it a star rating and finish with why you like it so much.

You could even include a link to an image or a YouTube video.

Here’s the app¬†I reviewed and sent to Mrs McKee.¬†It will give you an idea¬†about what to include:

Dear Mrs Mckee,
This is my latest favourite app… It’s worth a look!

…WWF Together app… It’s a World Wildlife Fund app

The app shows us some of the worlds most amazing and endangered animals.
There are amazing photos and information about each animal.
There are interactive activities for each animal as well.
It’s an educational app that any age could use and it’s free.
It even has origami instructions on how to make each animal it’s covered so far.
And whats great about this app is that with every update new animals are added.
I could go on and on… But rather than do that I’ve sent you a link so you can check it out for yourself.
Happy watching and I hope you love this app as much as I do.
Mrs Brough



Hopefully by next week you’ll be able to email it to us so we can review all your favourite apps and chose one or two to be added to the core app list.


iPad Scavenger Hunt

What a great way to start Info Lit…

A little bit of competition and a Scavenger Hunt.

We hope you learnt some new things about your iPad and can put them to good use. We’ve attached a copy of the Scavenger Hunt so you can show your family some of the cool things you’ve learnt.






Congratulations to our winners Рthe fastest time was just under 10 minutes Рenjoy your sweet treats!

Here’s a picture of our fastest pair…¬†Keeley and Mady

Winners are Grinners!












BYOD – Bring Your Own Device!


We kick started the BYOD program off in Info Lit today. The¬†6’s were excited to show off their iPads and their individual covers. Everyone who has brought their iPad to school has joined the network and has printing privileges.

So let the learning and fun begin…

Welcome back to the start of 2013



It’s Grade 6 and its looking like its going to be a great year…

School Captains and House Captains, Grade 6 Camp and the new and exciting Bring Your Own Device or One to One iPads in Grade 5 and 6.

We are very excited in Info Lit to be part of such a ground breaking initiative…

We look forward to our first lesson when we get to personalise the new devices ready for learning, communicating, investigating and creating.

Here’s what a few of the teachers have been saying…

‘The iPad is the ultimate all in one device, when I used to do movie making with grade 5 we would spend weeks with multiple pieces of equipment and different software before we had our finished product. Now we can make a movie in an afternoon and that is just the beginning…’ Mrs McKee

‘Each student can use their iPad to take their learning in their own direction – to follow their passions.’ ¬†Ms McLeod

‘The iPads are an additional opportunity to engage students, make it more relevant¬†and improve¬†educational achievements.’¬† Mrs Brough

‘With every student having an iPad, we have the ability to present our students so many new and amazing opportunities to learn.’ ¬†Mr ¬†Kenny

‘The kids in 6MA have been really excited about using their ipads in class. We have written our holiday letters on them, designed posters for our school values on them and added many events into our calendar to help keep us organised. We are all really enthusiastic to keep using the ipads to help us with our learning.’ Miss Morgan