Promotional Posters…

Mrs Brough Sample Poster


Now that you’ve taken your amazing snapshots of our school, its time to create your promotional poster/banner.

Think about which photos you are going to use and how many.

Make sure your writing relates to the pictures your using and dont forget you need a heading, which is of course our school name.

If you need to edit your photos do it from your album in the photos app.

You have the choice of two apps for your poster/banner, either strip designer or pic collage.

If you use strip designer don’t forget to change the size of the paper from letter to A4.

Dont forget to change the text font, colour and size to suit your poster.

Think about backgrounds and borders.

Look at your layout, check your spelling and make sure your happy before you save it to the  photos app.

Once you saved to the photos app add your poster to your album.

Be creative and have fun… 🙂 😉

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