Adding interest to your photos in iMovie.

Today we are going to add pictures to our iMovie trailers. Watch this movie, what do all of the pictures have in common?

The pictures all have movement.  This is known as the Ken Burns Effect, or pan and zoom.  Ken Burns is an American director of documentary films.  His films feature photographs with this pan and zoom effect.

The trailer feature in iMovie adds the Ken Burns effect automatically.  You can easily adjust it to create different effects by setting the way you would like to have your photo start and end.

Grade 6 Goes to Hollywood

Welcome back for Term 2.  We hope you had a fantastic holiday.

Mrs. McKee went camping at Phillip Island where she searched for penguins and found herself caught in a storm. You should hear how she washed the breakfast dishes that day!

Mrs. Brough spent the holidays celebrating birthdays, catching up with friends and eating way too much chocolate.

What did you do on the holidays?

This term we are going to be using iMovie on our iPads.  In particular we are going to learn how create our own “Book Trailers”.  Have you ever thought about how your favourite picture book might look as a movie?  Here are some examples we have created for you.

Who Sank The Boat? by Pamela Allen.

Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees

Today we are going to have a look at the iMovie trailer templates, select our picture book and start photographing.  Here is a quick look at iMovie for the iPad. You will have to turn the sound up and down a bit, Mrs. McKee had some trouble with the audio.

Which is your favourite iMovie Trailer Theme?

Will you leave a comment answering one of the red questions?  Everyone who leaves a comment will go into the draw for a prize, to be awarded next week.  So that means you have all week to comment.  Good luck!