Build a bridge…

Use Toca Builders (iTunes $2.99) to build us a bridge. We will be choosing one winner from each grade.

Your bridge must include a river, road or something else (a troll?) underneath.

Here is a tutorial:



Coin in the Cup Challenge – Explain Everything presentations.

Last week we completed the Lincoln High Dive coin in the cup challenge, although we should have called it the Elizabeth II High Dive.

This week we are going to take our photos and put them together in an Explain Everything presentation.

Your presentation should include:

  • A title slide with an explanation of the challenge
  • A photo of the equipment needed
  • Step by step instructions of how to set up the challenge
  • A video of the trick
  • An explanation of how the trick works, visit Science Bob to find out

Each slide should have:

  1. A photo or video
  2. An animated object or drawing
  3. Voice over

Here are some tips for using Explain Everything:

To delete an object, select the X icon

Delete a slide by holding down the “up and down” arrows in the white box on the bottom left. Hold your finger on the slide you want to delete and select the X icon.

Add an extra slide by selecting this icon.

To erase a recording, press the “reverse double arrows” and select Yes. Note: sometimes this will not erase your animations, only your voice. If it gets too tricky, delete the slide and start again.

To get your video to appear in your final video you must “record” it by pressing play and record.


Science! Coin in the cup challenge.

Today’s challenge is to get a coin into a small cup without touching it.

You will need the following equipment:

  • a small cup
  • a coin
  • a strip of cardboard
  • a piece of sticky tape
  • a pencil
  • a small piece of Blutak

You will be creating an Explain Everything presentation showing each stage of your experiment, starting with a photo of your equipment.  So remember to take LOTS OF PHOTOS.

Your experiment will be done in pairs, however you will be producing YOUR OWN Explain Everything presentation.

You both need to take your own photos.

Explain Everything for the iPad

Today we revisited the app Explain Everything (iTunes $2.99) We used it to create tutorials for our favourite iPad apps. At the end of our lesson we brainstormed other ways we could use the app in the classroom. Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

  • Solving maths problems and teaching them to others
  • Teaching others how to play a game or make something
  • Stop motion animation
  • Storytelling/book making
  • Making slideshows
  • Projects

Here are some of our finished tutorials.