Camera Skills

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Camera Skills

This week we will be covering a variety of camera skills.

  • Camera Position – Always have the camera at the top of the iPad.

  • Front and Rear Cameras – Change between the front and rear facing cameras

  • Zooming – Remember “zooming in” reduces the quality of your photo and may cause pixelation. It is better to move the camera closer to the subject of the photo

  • Focussing – Tap on the subject of your photo to bring it into focus. A blue square will appear at the focal point.

  • Photos of People – If you are taking photos of a group of people make sure a yellow square appears around all their heads before you take the photo. If there are not enough yellow squares you may need to move the iPad.

  • Backlighting – If the subject of your photo is backlit tap on it to lighten the foreground.

  • Changing to Video – Slide between video, rectangular and square photo.

  • Grid

    • Try and keep the focal point of your photos at the intersection of the grid

    • Try and ensure the horizon of your photo runs along one of the horizontal lines on your grid.

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