Creative Commons

We need to make sure that we have permission to use all of the images we are putting on our blogs.

If an image has been classified as Creative Commons this means the owner has given you permission to use it under certain conditions.

Click here to learn more about creative commons licenses.

This video also explains about creative commons

If there is no creative commons permission that means the image is copyright and you CAN NOT use it on your blog.

This year we will be using Wikimedia Commons to sesrch for images.


We can also use the Advanced Search Features in Google to find images with Creative Commons Permission.


Welcome to Grade 6 2015

Welcome to 2015! It is going to be a busy year. We are reading “Ramose: Prince in Exile” by Carole Wilkinson. It is the first in a series of books that follow the adventures of Prince Ramose as he fights for his position as the pharaoh’s rightful heir. We have been using the Camera App to take our photos and PicCollage and Drawing Pad as our presentation Apps. We will also be emailing and commenting on our Blogs. Have a look at some of our work using the PhotoGrid App.