All About Me

About Me

This activity is taken from week one of the Student Blogging Challenge.

“Create your own About Me post on your class blog

Be careful about how much personal information you include. Try to be creative in both your words like Felix, or by including visuals like Warrior Kat. More students to check out: Nicole, Kendall,  Tina,

  • Write a poem
  • Write an A-Z paragraph eg I am an athletic, yet brainy child who decided that saving theenvironment is one of my future goals.
  • Create a video like our mentor Dinah has done
  • Create a list of things people might not know about you like Ms Herring has done
  • Write a Who am I like Mrs Keane or Mrs Lyttle
  • Students in Ireland paired up to create their about us page, Ms Seitz’ class did the same.”

Add your name as a category.

Do you have any other great ideas? Check with Ms McLeod or add a comment.


Yellow Lantern

kids and lantern

Term Two 2015 is going to be very exciting for our Grade Six classes! During their Information Literacy session, they will be participating in an eight week public speaking program. It will be run by Yellow Lantern. Yellow Lantern operate throughout Australia. The emphasis is on public speaking, positive self talk, empowered speech and celebrating personality. Their facilitators all have professional qualifications in teaching, counseling and life coaching. The eight week “Shine Your Light” program will conclude with an evening graduation ceremony where parents are invited to come along and see their children their children present a two minute speech.

Feel free to watch the video on their site

Jody Freer Bronwyn McLeod

Fun Photography Posts :)

With a partner take some amazing photos of our school but be sure not to photograph our school name or symbol. Remember we can’t post anything that will identify our school. Only students who have returned their internet protocol forms and photo permission forms are allowed to photograph themselves. We will be using the iPad2’s to take the photos.

Please check with Ms McLeod or Mrs Brough before you photograph your friends…

We will be posting these photos to the Year 6 Blog so you’ll need to think of:

a blog title

a name for the photo

and a short description about the photo (and if you ask a question people are more likely to post a comment)

Here’s an example…

Looking through the glass window…

I spy with my little eye something beginning with…B

Have a look what can you see?