Advertising Strategies

Commercial companies use a range of advertising strategies to encourage us to buy their products.

These include:

  • music,
  • colour,
  • sound,
  • science,
  • fantasy,
  • repetition,
  • promises,
  • comparisons,
  • emotional triggers,
  • quotes,
  • exaggerations,
  • humour.

In pairs, visit the MacDonald UK media channel and select one of their campaign  videos to watch.

Discuss the add with your partner.

  • What advertising device was used?
  • Who is this add aimed at?
  • Would it convince you to buy MacDonalds?
  • Would it convince other people to buy MacDonalds?
  • Is it a fair to advertise in this way?

Create a blog post, on your class blog, to discuss your findings

  • Embed your MacDonalds Video.
  • Add your text
  • Proofread
  • Add your first name as the catergory
  • Publish your post.


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2 thoughts on “Advertising Strategies

  1. Dear Miss Freer
    I found this video very interesting it’s fascinating how people eat insects but I found it a bit disturbing. From Cooper

  2. Dear Ms Freer
    Very interesting video i learned a lot. I never knew that people eat spiders. My Dad’s friend went to Thailand and eat mashed up.
    From Cooper

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