14 thoughts on “Tasty Dinner!

  1. To MS Frear
    I think your tasty dinner video was very factual and interesting.I can remember my nan going to Cambodia and looking at people eat insects,she came home with losts of story’s.
    From Bailey

  2. Dear Ms Freer,
    I found the movie disturbing because when the tarantulas were shedding their hair you could see some of its insides.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Dear Ms Freer,

    I found your video very interesting. It showed a lot of different things. I wonder if insects will be popular and people will be eating them in the next decade or if people did back in the days. I would not like to eat spider I believe that it would be disgusting.

    From Caitlin

  4. Dear Ms Freer
    I like the awesome video but I would never ever eat a spider only if I had nothing to eat. My nan and pop went to a place like that and said one of the spiders were bigger than a plate, can that happen?
    From Kaleb

  5. Dear Ms Freer,

    Love the video but I don’t think I’ll be eating spiders anytime soon. I’ve seen stuff like this in Brazil and in heaps of other countries. Great video well enjoyed.
    From Rav

  6. Dear Ms Frear,
    What a strange video? But rather interesting too! Wouldn’t it be disgusting to eat a hairy thing like that? I would never eat a spider! I already know that people eat spiders. I didn’t know that they actually kill the spider like that.

    From Briana

  7. Dear Ms Frear
    Why did you chose that video? That was a very disturbing video to watch! It was also a very interesting video as well as I learned something new!

    From Diana

  8. Dear Ms Freer
    The spider video that you posted was interesting
    I never knew that children ate venomous spiders. YUCK!!!
    From Baron

  9. Dear Ms Freer,

    I found this video very interesting. It shows a different perspective for food. Some people think that insects will become more common food but I sure hope not.

    From Nikhita

  10. Dear Ms freer
    That was an awesome video I really liked their technique with how they grabbed the spiders my Aunty went to a place like that and they offered her some and she went yuck. I would like to try some I’ve never had anything like it!
    From Matt.

  11. Dear mrs freer

    Very interesting video I leanerd how to catch a spider and what the spiders do to make the people itchy.
    I have never heard that you can eat spiders and I kinda want to taste the spiders

  12. Dear Ms Freer,
    What an interesting video! That was also pretty disgusting, I would never eat a spider. Those kids were lucky that the spider didn’t bite them! I didn’t know they killed them like that. I don’t think it’s a good idea to kill spiders!
    From Jorja

  13. Dear Ms.Freer,

    I thought the video was interesting and a little bit disturbing at the same time. There are different types of Tarantulars like how some have orange hair and some have blonde hair.

    From Nicole
    P.S: thanks for the video.

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