Character Profiles

This week we started our movies that we will be working on throughout the term. We choose our groups and came up with very creative and exciting ideas for the movies. We choose our characters and spent some time creating character profiles for each character. The character profiles tell us about the characters and their roles in the movie.




Using iMovie, we then explored different transitions that are available that we can use to make our movie more effective and interesting moving from scene to scene. Click on the following link to view some of our work using transitions.

iMovie transitions

Next week, we will be starting to write the scripts for our movies!




Cybersafety imovies

This week we explored movie making and the processes involved in making a movie. To practice the processes, we created a short mini movie where we had to create character profiles, develop a script that included props, filming locations and speaking lines, film the movie using different and creative camera angles and filming techniques and edit the movie on the iMovie app.

Our mini movies were based on scenarios relating to cyber safety. This activity was a great introduction to the processes of movie making as we will be working on a longer movie throughout the term.




Welcome back to Term 3! This term we will be very busy as we will be working on an exciting project using iMovie. iMovie is an app that allows us to create a movie or trailer using video, sound and many other features that we will explore!


Students will be working in groups for the project. Over the course of this term, students will decide on a theme for their movie, develop character profiles, write their script, organise props and logistics of the filming, film the movie and edit the movie ready for viewing!

This week, we revisited Cybersafety as we viewed the video #Gameon and discussed what we can do to ensure we are smart and safe online. Students debated over the advantages and disadvantages of digital technologies and posed great arguments for both.

Click here to view the #GameOn episodes