Age Restrictions for Social Media Platforms

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This is a friendly reminder, that social media based apps are not suitable or on the approved core app list. Please see the table below which details the required age to create an account for. If you currently have these apps, you will need to remove them from your device as they are not aligned with our digital citizenship student contracts.

If you have any questions, please see the Information Literacy Team.

App Age
Twitch 12 years
Instagram 13 years
Snapchat 13 years
Facebook 13 years 16 years 17 years
Vine 17 years
YouTube Accounts 18 years

iMovie films

This week in Info lit we continued working on our movies. This is the last week of filming and editing before we finalise and show them to the rest of our class. It was very satisfying starting to put the movie together and seeing the final product with all the special effects and add-ons we have included. We are very proud of how creative we have been with the movie ideas and scripts, our teamwork throughout the term and the different functions and effects we have learnt how to use and have included in our movies. We have had to battle with the weather, students in our group being absent, technical difficulties and other school activities to finish the movies to the high standard that we have.