Creating your Avatar

Making your Avatar:

What is an avatar you ask? Well its an image that represents you! Here are two sites you can use:

Here is a free App recommended by students in 6MK

WeeMee Free

Please create an avatar

  • Remember you don’t need to sign up. Just take a screen shot and then crop it.
  • Use WebDAV Nav+ to upload it to our school network. Save it into the folder Class/_Grade6/Your class/InfoLit/Avatars
  • Please don’t use your school photo.

If you find any other useful websites or apps could you please add a comment. ~ Thank you.

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Making Quality Comments

Mrs Paterno has been teaching the Year Fives how to write quality comments.

Here are the guidelines they are following.

  • Begin like a letter
  • Compliment the writer
  • Add new information
  • Make a connection
  • Finish with a question
  • Write about the post
  • Do not include any personal information, especially your last name
  • Carefully proofread and edit
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All About Me

About Me

This activity is taken from week one of the Student Blogging Challenge.

“Create your own About Me post on your class blog

Be careful about how much personal information you include. Try to be creative in both your words like Felix, or by including visuals like Warrior Kat. More students to check out: Nicole, Kendall,  Tina,

  • Write a poem
  • Write an A-Z paragraph eg I am an athletic, yet brainy child who decided that saving theenvironment is one of my future goals.
  • Create a video like our mentor Dinah has done
  • Create a list of things people might not know about you like Ms Herring has done
  • Write a Who am I like Mrs Keane or Mrs Lyttle
  • Students in Ireland paired up to create their about us page, Ms Seitz’ class did the same.”

Add your name as a category.

Do you have any other great ideas? Check with Ms McLeod or add a comment.


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Fun Photography Posts :)

With a partner take some amazing photos of our school but be sure not to photograph our school name or symbol. Remember we can’t post anything that will identify our school. Only students who have returned their internet protocol forms and photo permission forms are allowed to photograph themselves. We will be using the iPad2’s to take the photos.

Please check with Ms McLeod or Mrs Brough before you photograph your friends…

We will be posting these photos to the Year 6 Blog so you’ll need to think of:

a blog title

a name for the photo

and a short description about the photo (and if you ask a question people are more likely to post a comment)

Here’s an example…

Looking through the glass window…

I spy with my little eye something beginning with…B

Have a look what can you see?

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Creative Commons

We need to make sure that we have permission to use all of the images we are putting on our blogs.

If an image has been classified as Creative Commons this means the owner has given you permission to use it under certain conditions.

Click here to learn more about creative commons licenses.

This video also explains about creative commons

If there is no creative commons permission that means the image is copyright and you CAN NOT use it on your blog.

This year we will be using Wikimedia Commons to sesrch for images.


We can also use the Advanced Search Features in Google to find images with Creative Commons Permission.


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Welcome back to the start of 2013



It’s Grade 6 and its looking like its going to be a great year…

School Captains and House Captains, Grade 6 Camp and the new and exciting Bring Your Own Device or One to One iPads in Grade 5 and 6.

We are very excited in Info Lit to be part of such a ground breaking initiative…

We look forward to our first lesson when we get to personalise the new devices ready for learning, communicating, investigating and creating.

Here’s what a few of the teachers have been saying…

‘The iPad is the ultimate all in one device, when I used to do movie making with grade 5 we would spend weeks with multiple pieces of equipment and different software before we had our finished product. Now we can make a movie in an afternoon and that is just the beginning…’ Mrs McKee

‘Each student can use their iPad to take their learning in their own direction – to follow their passions.’  Ms McLeod

‘The iPads are an additional opportunity to engage students, make it more relevant and improve educational achievements.’  Mrs Brough

‘With every student having an iPad, we have the ability to present our students so many new and amazing opportunities to learn.’  Mr  Kenny

‘The kids in 6MA have been really excited about using their ipads in class. We have written our holiday letters on them, designed posters for our school values on them and added many events into our calendar to help keep us organised. We are all really enthusiastic to keep using the ipads to help us with our learning.’ Miss Morgan

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What a Way to Finish the Term!

To finish off Term 3 the Grade 6 kids held an APP EXPO for their teachers, Mr Daly and Ms Jones.

After spending a couple of lessons selecting apps and making advertising posters on the iPads for their chosen app, the grade 6’s had to sell their app to an audience. They were attempting to convince their teachers to add some educational as well as fun apps to the classroom iPads.

The 6’s definitley knew all about their chosen apps. They were able to show as well as talk about the app. They knew its educational value, its features as well as improvements that could be made.

As Info Lit Teachers we couldn’t of been prouder. It was pleasing to move around the room talking to the kids and realising how much they have learnt so far this year 🙂 🙂


…check out some of the apps we love…







…ready to promote our app…
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Cybersafety and Advertising Posters

Today we will be using the Phoster App ($1.99) to make posters.

Some classes will be making posters that advertise a food.

Other classes will be making posters that help raise awareness of Cybersafety issues.

We will be taking our own photos to avoid any issues with copywrite.

We will not be using any images from the Internet.

Make sure you plan your poster carefully to ensure that it is delivering the message you want.

Make several drafts.

Discuss with your partner which draft you would like to publish to our media app.

Use the Photogene App ($2.99) to upload your final image to our class Picassa account.

This will allow your image to appear in our Media app.

You can download our media app onto your iPad or iPod by following the link.

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Uploading your Avatar


Making your Avatar:

What is an avatar you ask? Well its an image that represents you!

There are detailed instructions on how to create your avatar on these websites.

  • Please create an avatar and upload it.
  • Please don’t use your school photo.
  • Once you have created your avatar leave a comment on this post so we can all check it out.
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