Age Restrictions for Social Media Platforms

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This is a friendly reminder, that social media based apps are not suitable or on the approved core app list. Please see the table below which details the required age to create an account for. If you currently have these apps, you will need to remove them from your device as they are not aligned with our digital citizenship student contracts.

If you have any questions, please see the Information Literacy Team.

App Age
Twitch 12 years
Instagram 13 years
Snapchat 13 years
Facebook 13 years 16 years 17 years
Vine 17 years
YouTube Accounts 18 years
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Welcome back to Term 3! This term we will be very busy as we will be working on an exciting project using iMovie. iMovie is an app that allows us to create a movie or trailer using video, sound and many other features that we will explore!


Students will be working in groups for the project. Over the course of this term, students will decide on a theme for their movie, develop character profiles, write their script, organise props and logistics of the filming, film the movie and edit the movie ready for viewing!

This week, we revisited Cybersafety as we viewed the video #Gameon and discussed what we can do to ensure we are smart and safe online. Students debated over the advantages and disadvantages of digital technologies and posed great arguments for both.

Click here to view the #GameOn episodes


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Google Images

Hippo Image Text

Safe Searching – tips to remember

  • If you can’t find a picture you like in the first 10 rows of your results you will need to refine your search terms. For example change from hippo to baby hippo.
  • Select your search terms very carefully. Beware of words with more than one meaning
  • If images come up that are violent or too sexy or just make you feel yukky in the tummy, press the “home” button and go and tell either your teachers or your parents what has happened. They will be able to help you.

Search Tools

Once you are in Google Images click on search tools to further refine your search.

  • Size – Choose medium or large if you are planning to enlarge the image. This will help prevent your image becoming blurry or pixellated.
  • Colour – This tool allows you to switch between black and white and coloured images.
  • Usage Rules – Always choose “labelled for reuse” if you are planning to use the image online. Remember to include the URL where you found the image and the photographer or artists name.
  • Type – This tool lets you choose between faces, photos, clipart, line drawings and animations.

Saving an image

If you are using Internet Explorer

  • Decide which image you prefer and click to select it.
  • Click view image
  • Press and hold on the image and select save image
  • Remember to copy and paste the URL into your work.
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The next chapter.

Today we are going to choose which page will be the next in our Online Smarts eBooks.

Choose one of the following topics for your next page.
We choose our online friends carefully.
We know how to deal with cyber bullying.
We know how to avoid inappropriate content.

Remember that your page needs to include:

An eye catching heading.
Useful information and advice.
Links to videos and online resources.
Here are some places to look for useful material.

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Online Smarts with Tony Richards

Today we welcomed Tony Richards back to our school to discuss and workshop all things cybersafety.

Do you know how secure your personal information is?

We made a list of the apps we use that feature sharing functions.  It was interesting to see which ones had options to keep our accounts private.  Do you know what the privacy settings on your apps are?  How many of your online friends are people you actually know?  Who has access to your photographs and chats?

These are the things we will be exploring in the coming weeks as we create an eBook to help us understand about keeping ourselves safe online.


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