iMovie filming

This week we continued filming our movies. We dressed up in our costumes and gathered our props for the movie and filmed more scenes in our scripts.

We discovered that it is not easy to remember our lines from the scripts and sometimes it was even harder to say the lines without laughing! It was lots of fun moving around the school to find the perfect spot to film the scene and deciding what angle and distance to film from to create the most engaging movie.

We then edited our filming from this week to seamlessly add to last weeks filming and make the video interesting. We used text, narration, splitting, music, special effects and transitions to do this and create an exciting movie. We will be continuing to film and edit our movies next week.

Here is another sneak peek…

Mrs Matthews

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iMovie scripts part 2


This week we completed our movie scripts ready for filming! We are all very excited to be up to the filming stage as we made a list of the props and costumes we need to make our movies. We have all come up with our own ideas for our movies and they are all so different.

To be ready to edit our movies and make them as effective and interesting as possible, we learnt how to use another function in iMovie. Narration allows us to add voice-over to our movies. Now, we can edit videos and make them very engaging by

  • splitting and deleting parts of the video
  • add transitions between slides
  • include special effects such as slow-motion and black and white
  • add sound or music
  • put text over video
  • include narration


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Character Profiles

This week we started our movies that we will be working on throughout the term. We choose our groups and came up with very creative and exciting ideas for the movies. We choose our characters and spent some time creating character profiles for each character. The character profiles tell us about the characters and their roles in the movie.




Using iMovie, we then explored different transitions that are available that we can use to make our movie more effective and interesting moving from scene to scene. Click on the following link to view some of our work using transitions.

iMovie transitions

Next week, we will be starting to write the scripts for our movies!




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Human Body Animations

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.06.56 pm    Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.23.54 pm    Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.28.25 pm   ios7_camera_logoimovie__2013_

Create an animation to show us how a body part or body system works.

Here is J’Lee’s Digestive System animation.

Below are some examples created by students at other schools.

The Digestive System – RegWalsh

The Respiratory System – Tim Tootles


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Research Hotlists

This week we have been making Research hotlists.

We have chosen  topics of interest, located relevant websites and then created posters to assist other students with their research.

Click on the images below and then use your QR code reader to find out more about:

  • Jamie Elliot
  • Dinosaurs
  • Heidelberg Warriors United
  • Steve Motlop
  • Dance
  • Motorbikes
  • Flowers
  • Justice Crew
  • Lush
  • iPads
  • Gymnastics
  • Pennyboards
  • NASA
  • Basketball
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Making Quality Comments

Mrs Paterno has been teaching the Year Fives how to write quality comments.

Here are the guidelines they are following.

  • Begin like a letter
  • Compliment the writer
  • Add new information
  • Make a connection
  • Finish with a question
  • Write about the post
  • Do not include any personal information, especially your last name
  • Carefully proofread and edit
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Camera Skills

Screenshot 2014-02-13 10.34.37

Camera Skills

This week we will be covering a variety of camera skills.

  • Camera Position – Always have the camera at the top of the iPad.

  • Front and Rear Cameras – Change between the front and rear facing cameras

  • Zooming – Remember “zooming in” reduces the quality of your photo and may cause pixelation. It is better to move the camera closer to the subject of the photo

  • Focussing – Tap on the subject of your photo to bring it into focus. A blue square will appear at the focal point.

  • Photos of People – If you are taking photos of a group of people make sure a yellow square appears around all their heads before you take the photo. If there are not enough yellow squares you may need to move the iPad.

  • Backlighting – If the subject of your photo is backlit tap on it to lighten the foreground.

  • Changing to Video – Slide between video, rectangular and square photo.

  • Grid

    • Try and keep the focal point of your photos at the intersection of the grid

    • Try and ensure the horizon of your photo runs along one of the horizontal lines on your grid.

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Promotional Posters…

Mrs Brough Sample Poster


Now that you’ve taken your amazing snapshots of our school, its time to create your promotional poster/banner.

Think about which photos you are going to use and how many.

Make sure your writing relates to the pictures your using and dont forget you need a heading, which is of course our school name.

If you need to edit your photos do it from your album in the photos app.

You have the choice of two apps for your poster/banner, either strip designer or pic collage.

If you use strip designer don’t forget to change the size of the paper from letter to A4.

Dont forget to change the text font, colour and size to suit your poster.

Think about backgrounds and borders.

Look at your layout, check your spelling and make sure your happy before you save it to the  photos app.

Once you saved to the photos app add your poster to your album.

Be creative and have fun… 🙂 😉

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iPad Scavenger Hunt

What a great way to start Info Lit…

A little bit of competition and a Scavenger Hunt.

We hope you learnt some new things about your iPad and can put them to good use. We’ve attached a copy of the Scavenger Hunt so you can show your family some of the cool things you’ve learnt.






Congratulations to our winners – the fastest time was just under 10 minutes – enjoy your sweet treats!

Here’s a picture of our fastest pair… Keeley and Mady

Winners are Grinners!












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