Rediscovered Animals

Imagining a Rediscovered Animal

Imagine a rediscovered animal of your own.

Why was it thought to be extinct?

What caused your animal’s population to almost disappear?

How was it rediscovered?

 Creating a Rediscovered Animal


Create a 3D model of your own  creature.


  • pipecleaners
  • joggle eyes
  • supertac

Creating a Habitat


Use coloured paper to create your habitat.

You might need to use tabs to make your objects stand up.


  • cover paper
  • glue stick

Animal Facts

Complete a graphic organiser that includes the following information:

  • What is your animals name?
  • Where does it live?
  • What type of habitat does it live in?
  • What does it eat?
  • What are its prey?
  • What are its predators?
  • What does it look like?
  • Is it endangered?
  • What are the threats?
  • What are two interesting facts about your animal?

Animal Images 

Take a variety of photograph of your creature in its habitat.


Create a shadow puppet presentation telling the story of your creatures near extinction and rediscovery.

Share your Work

Upload your presentation to your class blog.


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Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

They were thought to be extinct for over 80 years… Until a handfull of these amazing stick insects were found clinging to a small bush on Balls Pyramid off Lord Howe Island. Invertebrate specialist Rohan Cleave shows us why these ‘land lobsters’ are so freaky cool, and how Melbourne Zoo saved the species from extinction.

Find out more at

In a world first, zookeeper Rohan Cleave captured the amazing hatching process of a critically endangered Lord Howe Island Stick Insect at Melbourne Zoo. The eggs incubate for over 6 months and until now the hatching process has never been witnessed. If you didn’t see it you wouldn’t believe it could fit in that egg!

Find out more at­sland-stick-insect

Lord Howe Island Stick Insects – Blog Post

  • Watch the videos and read the information on the Zoos Victoria website.
  • Write a blog post about the stick insect that includes the answers to the following questions.
    • What happened to the Lord Howe Island Stick Insects that were living in the wild on Lord Howe Island?
    • How long were they thought to be extinct?
    • Where and when were the surviving insects found?
    • How is Melbourne Zoo helping to save this critically endangered species?
    • Are there any Lord Howe Island Stick Insects (living in the wild on Lord Howe Island now?
  • Your writing should flow and make sense. It should not be a list of disconnected sentences.
  • You may include extra information that is not related to the questions BUT only include information from the Zoos Victoria website and the videos.
  • Include at least three relevant photos
  • Remember to add references for all your information and pictures.
  • Proof read your work very carefully
  • Add your name as a category for your blog post
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Bug Recipes


 Google "insect recipes" and select either "Top 11 bug recipes - Telegraph" or "20 Delicious Bug Recipes from Chefs|TIME".  Choose a recipe and post it. Include an image and your thoughts on the idea of eating insects. Make sure you reference and categorize your work. 
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